What if you had no fear of failure?

Learning to embrace failure with Misi Gulyás

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We all fail on tasks related to our work, studies, or personal projects.... And that's okay! We can learn from our mistakes. But do we actually do that?

Misi Gulyás is our coach with plenty of experience in both big and small businesses. He will guide us in a small group where he will teach us about Growth Mindset and how we can turn failures into learning possibilities. Whether you are starting a new job, recently failed your exams, or if you are struggling with your new year's resolutions, the right mindset makes all the difference!

This workshop will be in a small group. Misi will guide and teach us several important principles of Growth Mindset. We will look at the stress and fear of failure that comes with trying new things or having big goals. This will not be a lecture! Instead, Misi will teach and help us through exercises and small practices which we can use throughout the year.

The session will be held at PLNT in Leiden and will last for two hours. 

Datum & Tijd
donderdag februari 01, 2024
19:00 21:00 (CET)

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